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Learn to become a modern Python developer

September 23, 2020

They can create a digital product to accelerate a company’s revenue or develop software solutions to increase productivity. You might have been thinking about brushing up on your Python skills, or even beginning a new career as a software developer. You’ve also probably got lots of questions you need answered about this popular programming language. Python is mainly used to create backends in web application development. Now it’s time for looking at the most popular Python web frameworks. Python is an interpreted, high-level, and object-oriented programming language.

become a python developer

Many bootcamps have strong career services to prepare you for life as a Python developer. Bootcamps are all about working on real-life projects which means that by the end of your program you will have a large portfolio to show employers. The role of a Python developer varies from organization to organization, but their core duties include using Python programming skills to code server-side applications, programs, and websites. Python developers also work with automation scripts to maximize productivity and assist the front end team in integrating third-party software.

Alternative Ways to Start a Python Developer Career

Python plays a vital role in applications related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Additionally, the roadmap emphasizes the importance of data science and machine learning skills, which are in high demand in the healthcare, finance, and technology industries. The roadmap also incorporates developing technologies such as blockchain, AI, and IoT, revolutionizing numerous industries. Learning Python is essential no matter what Python role you aim to end up in.

Being a machine learning engineer, you’ll be held responsible for implementing data modeling for organizational solutions and being proficient in research and analytical insights. The 21st century is witnessing an upsurge in career prospects as a Python developer. This field is never dying and will only keep growing in the future. Since it has various APIs and libraries, it supports way more than web development. Web developers with python can earn 8LPA, lead software engineer (up to 20 LPA), data scientist (up to 7LPA), and machine learning engineer are various paths one can choose. All of these characteristics of Python programming piqued the interest of many developers, who chose Python as their first learning language.

Summing it up: What Python developers do (and how to become a Python developer from scratch)

It is very simple in comparison to other programming languages and has a very easy syntax which reduces the cost of program maintenance. Building a game application could be the best way to learn Python and you can also build an amazing and demanding career. The developers require basic tools using which amazing gaming apps can be built. As a game developer, you need to work on creating games and developing the front-end and back-end. Here, Python can be used to build games which is fun and also learning at the same time.

  • Python’s simplicity and ease of use make it an ideal language for rapid prototyping and agile development methodologies.
  • Publish content that showcases your knowledge and expertise in the field you want to work in.
  • Python developers also have access to a wide variety of learning resources.
  • Of course, transitioning between them means you would need to gain practical experience before applying for a job.
  • Now you know what a Python developer does, what responsibilities the job entails, and how much Python developers make.
  • The very basic step to learning anything is to get comfortable with the syntax of the language.
  • A machine learning engineer is one who creates a program so that a machine to operate.

On this blog, I share all the things I learn about programming as I go. Apart from uploading the code to these platforms, try learning version control using git. Having the knowledge of version control will be a great advantage for you. If you keep it public, other programmers who face similar issues or need to work on similar projects can view your code. This way, you can help other programmers also with the code you wrote.

Frameworks & Libraries

Include descriptions of your projects, the technologies you utilized, and the problems you solved. A strong portfolio will leave a lasting impression on potential how to become a python developer employers and demonstrate your capabilities. Connect with the Python developer community through online forums, meetups, and social media platforms.

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