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Status Price SNT Price, USD converter, Charts

Also, the Status app is free to install and use, and is based on open-source (libre) software. Plus, creating a Status app account requires no bank details, email address or phone number. We’ll look at the Status crypto ecosystem, exploring the variety of services available. Moreover, we’ll explore the various use cases for the multi-utility Status Network token (SNT).

  1. Instead of using your mobile phone number, Status Network allows decentralized communication and transactions from wallet to wallet.
  2. View the total and circulating supply of Status, including details on how the supplies are calculated.
  3. Status is a multipurpose blockchain network and ecosystem powered by the ERC-20 token SNT.
  4. SNT allows holders to access all of the premium features the app has to offer.
  5. CoinCarp does not currently have price data for Star Network as it has yet to be listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX or DEX).
  6. Yes, if you believe the price of SNT will drop, you can open a short position in OKX’s margin or futures trading markets.

Using the Status Network app carries a host of benefits, including being eligible for certain airdrops! Fortunately, even if its competitors release messaging apps, there is still no guarantee that the service will be completely decentralized. In today’s world, data security and internet privacy are constantly under threat, and Big Tech companies earn millions by exploiting the privacy of internet users. The Status network was born from Bennets and Hope’s desire to provide an alternative that seeks to protect users and safeguard their data online. Status Network aims to facilitate secure communication and the free flow of information to enable private conversations and individual sovereignty.

Some of them offer you the option to buy them directly for fiat currency while others offer their users to swap other tokens for SNTs. You can also get some SNT by helping the project grow through the open bounty program. SNT allows holders to access all of the premium features the app has to offer.

The CoinCodex Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Status’s price today is US$0.04016, with a 24-hour trading volume of $3.34 M. SNT is +0.00% in the last 24 hours.SNT has a circulating supply of 3.88 B SNT. The Status Network Token is a utility token used for several purposes within the Status ecosystem.

Where Can I Store SNT?

The native SNT token holds various use cases throughout the Status Network ecosystem. This includes eligibility for becoming a seller on the Tellor Network, in-app purchases through the Sticker Market, in addition to governance status network token price rights. SNT holders who stake their funds can receive voting rights on update proposals at no cost. Moreover, Status Network offers their app users the opportunity to reserve their own “stateofus.eth” names.

This allows anyone with a mobile or laptop to apply to become a Status Node supporting the network and receiving SNT tokens in return. Through its streamlined approach to various online community services, Status Network is presenting an attractive alternative to centralized Web2 social platforms. Keycard uses an open-source API to seamlessly facilitate integration with other crypto wallets or decentralized applications (dApps). Status Network is a Web3-based protocol tackling the shortcomings of Web2 community platforms. Web2 offers centralized applications that often prioritize profit over privacy. Moreover, Web2 companies are known for selling their users’ personal data for profit in return for personalized, targeted ads to encourage users to spend more.

Another project that aims to bring messaging services to the masses through blockchain technology is the Celo network. Furthermore, the Status crypto wallet allows users to store, send, and receive Ethereum-based assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Also, users can create multiple accounts for interacting with decentralized applications (dApps), storing funds, and sending payment. As a peer-to-peer community-based decentralized application (dApp), Teller Network offers stakeholders the opportunity to facilitate local fiat-to-crypto transactions.

They have standard security measures in place, just like every other cryptocurrency. They also emphasize protecting the data of their users and allowing them to stay in possession of their data. However, no crypto platform or network is completely secure, so you should do some research on your own on Status before making your final decision.

What is Star Network (STN)?

Status is different as it allows the user to make decisions about how they will utilize any of the available features the protocol offers. Also the project is run by the community for the community making all of their transactions private and allowing easier access to other dApps. Star Network is a decentralized network platform covering the global entertainment industry. Effectively solve the industry’s pain points, promote the rational and orderly development of the industry, and create a benign ecosystem. Currently, to receive mobile push notifications when using the Status app, users need to deposit a qualifying amount of SNT tokens. This requires users to buy SNT tokens before unlocking the full functions of the app.

Is Star Network (STN) token a good investment?

The main thing is that Status can be used in a way that is acceptable to the users and he or she can choose which features they want as nothing is forced upon them. Star Network is a cryptocurrency that is highly volatile and therefore may not be suitable for all investors. StarNetwork aims to use blockchain technology to improve the economic form of the entire pan-entertainment industry from the bottom, thereby promoting the redevelopment of the industry. Producers and consumers provide an open, fair and democratic Internet infrastructure and bear system to make global digital entertainment content easier to spread. As of Jan 30, Status has a market capitalization of $155.2 Million and is ranked #215 among all cryptocurrencies. This calculation is based on the circulating supply of Status However, if we take into account the total supply of Status, the market capitalization would be $272.9 Million.

Since you can trade Ethereum securely here, it is also a great investment for the future if you are interested in decentralized crypto marketplaces. Its ability to search for dapps that can be part of the decentralized feature of the future is also ground-breaking stuff that holds real promise as more and more things become decentralized. While Status’s mission was right, it created some issues on the Ethereum blockchain due to massive transactions and number of tokens. Now many of these issues have been resolved and the startup is gearing towards eventual release. The coin actually made the whole Ethereum network problematic because of sheer volume and number of coins available for its users. Things got so back that some exchanges put a freeze on Ether trades to allow it to come back to life.

While this helps Status to grow by leveraging Ethereum’s network effect, there are still plenty of growth opportunities by updating the Status app and wallet to be multi-chain compatible. By expanding to a wider range of networks, Status will be able to service users you are put off by issues with the Ethereum network. Now that we have a better understanding of what is Status, let’s explore how Status works. The Status protocol is designed to give users everything they need to interact with the Web3 world and blockchain technology.

If you prefer, you can store your SNT tokens in the crypto wallet provided by the Status Network app. To download the Status app, please visit the official website and download the application. Then withdraw your SNT tokens to the unique address provided by the Status app. For the time being, the Status platform is only compatible with applications that are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Once Star Network is live on an exchange, CoinCarp will provide real-time Star Network (STN) token prices from different exchanges. We take customer security seriously at OKX, so you can be sure your assets are protected by the best security measures in the industry. Your account is also protected by two-factor authentication and SSL encryption of the highest standard. Status node operators require SNT tokens to successfully run a node that helps power and secure the Status Network. Another key utility of the SNT token is that investors can also use their tokens to vote on governance proposals that help guide the future development decisions of the Status network team.

There are currently  SNT in circulating supply, while there are exactly tokens in total supply right now. Status’s current circulating supply is 3.88B SNT out of max supply of 6.80B SNT. The current yearly supply inflation rate is 11.66% meaning 404.64M SNT were created in the last year. In terms of market cap, Status is currently ranked #89 in the Ethereum (ERC20) Tokens sector.

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